1. Bike Registration

    Register your bike with the Police Department to make it easier to recover if it is ever lost or stolen.

  2. D.A.R.E.

    The Harrison Police Dept. started a D.A.R.E. program in 1991 with Officer Jenkins being the 1st Harrison Officer to attend the 2-week long Dare Officer School put on by the State of Ohio.

  3. Juvenile Referee Court

    Harrison Juvenile Referee Court was instituted by the City of Harrison to divert first-time offenders referred on misdemeanor crimes from the official court system.

  4. Parking Regulation Information

    This page is intended to help drivers and/or owners of vehicles to have a better understanding of some of the parking regulations and procedures of the City of Harrison.

  5. Peddler / Vendor Merchant Information Sheet (PDF)

    Find out about the rules that are required of a vendor within the city.

  6. Peddler / Vendor Merchant Application (PDF)

    View and print this application to become a peddler/vendor/itinerant within the City of Harrison.

  7. Public Records Request

    Find out how to request public records from the Police Department.

  8. Vacation House Check Program

    Learn steps to help prevent crime from happening to your house while you are on vacation.